Black Diamond

by The Resonators

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released January 4, 2011

Black Diamond Performed by:
Andrew LaCara (guitar / vocals)
Charles House (bass / vocals)
Joni Mason (drums)

Recorded by Brian Spragg
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Klug
Album Art by Jordan Hudkins

All Songs Copyright ©2010 The Resonators



all rights reserved


The Resonators Shepherdstown, West Virginia

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Track Name: Your Resonation
We’ve got more power than we know what to do with
don’t believe me then kids looks like this time we’ve gotta prove it
So get off your knees and on your feet
I got some friend think you should meet

Introducing this is Your Resonation

Only the strong ever survive
If you wanna make it out alive
Join the resonation it’s time you pick a side
Never been complicated it’s always been inside
You’ve got your dreams come and show me
Make me believe

You’ve got the power go start your revolution
but what are you fighting for is it the problem or solution
We may just want to dance all day and night
But we still know what’s wrong from right

What do they know
They don’t know about redemption

Can you hear the resonation
Can you feel your last chance passing by
Track Name: Wishful Thinking
How was I supposed to know
it was time to let it go
Somewhere you gave up the dream well I
guess that wasn't up to me
Looks like I've been left on my own with
nothing left to show

Cause I've always been a little slow
but this looks like a new low
Welcome to the end of the line oh please
wish me better luck next time
They can all say what they want
I'm never gonna stop

I won't drag them down
This might be all just Wishful Thinking
But I think I will stick around
I won't ever quits
This might be all just Wishful Thinking,
But I think they can't handle this

I could use a fresh new start
got losing down to an art
This could be my only chance to
prove to myself I won't come last
So if that is your best shot
man you better make it count

Don't know what they're in for this time
Cause they're not putting up a fight
I'm gonna make 'em see the light

Judge and jury set me free
give me strength to just believe
My whole life always told me that there's
just some things I could never be well they
Haven't seen anything yet I’m gonna
show 'em something they won't forget
Track Name: Future Tense
Looking for wisdom in all the wrong places
like on the bathroom walls and television stations
And if I had answers I wouldn’t have anything
all I’ve got are questions and no one else is listening

None of this makes any sense
Past and present Future Tense
None of this makes any sense
I’m just past and present Future Tense

Make up your mind and tell me where we’re going
and just what do you need I got no way of knowing
Everything is nothing so what are we so proud of
can’t get something for free so nothing is all I have found

Today’s the oldest that I’ll ever want to be
Cause no one likes you when you’re twenty-three

It’s time to grow up and quit your damn complaining
just get out on the road if you’re lost so what so are we
And now if you don’t try you still just end up nowhere
you’ve got your whole life and fortune favors those who
Track Name: Whatever It Takes
Is it worse to be the quitter
or worse to be the winner when we
When we’re not fighting anymore
then tell me what we’re dying for

Spinning out of control faster
looks like this is a catastrophe
And nothing’s ever been so clear
you gotta get me outta here.

I just want to make it through
Find the difference between love and truth
Find what it means to be a man
When you’ve got nothing left to lose

And I don’t want to know the answers
cause the cure is worse than the disease
Who knows how this all will end
well I guess that just depends

I can see the smoking gun
marching closer to extinction
Don’t want to go out like this
not as a Goddamn hypocrite

Not listening to your fighting words
maybe you just haven’t heard
We’re not martyrs anymore
I’ll tell you what we’re living for

Just because the ship is sinking
that doesn’t mean that I’ll just quit and leave
Looks like they just raised the stakes
I’ll do Whatever It Takes
Track Name: Wasted Without You
Tell me who I am I can't seem to remember anymore
forgotten more about myself my friends and everyone
than I'll ever learn again

What should I believe when my reflection it don’t seem to resemble me
and I stay awake all night cause I'm afraid to sleep
I'm afraid of what I'll see I'm afraid of everything

Some more hollow words from a hollow man
Some more shallow thoughts for my shallow plans
I don't know what to do
Waste my time
I’m Wasted Without You

So what is wrong with me I'll waste my second chance I don't know how to change
and how I want to feel is three time zones away
but I'll stay
Track Name: Not A Test
I don’t have a prayer you don’t have a clue
the truth’s what you make yeah it’s up to you

Cause I’m passive aggressive a loser and a pain
I’ve got no direction got no one to blame
Out on a limb now that was my mistake
I’m taking it back now cause this is such a waste

This is Not A Test
If we’re desperate then that’s the first step

Said you’re afraid well I think you’ll find
that you better be want to stay alive

Now I’ve got a question what’s in it for me
If you’ve got the answer what’s it gonna be
It’s time that we find out who is using who
Don’t like what you find out then what are you gonna do
Track Name: Gun For Hire
Well I've got my bad ideas
and you've got some strange desires
Good thing we've made this connection
want to see how far we can let this go

Oh let me know

I've got my high hopes and dreams
and you've got your down to earth plans
But I’m still so young and restless
think this time I'm finally gonna blow

Gonna explode

I’m a lover not a fighter but I’d be your Gun For Hire
If you’d let it go
And I think things would be better if we’d just get it together girl
Let me know
What it takes to be the one

I've got electric guitars
and you've got your friends and sisters
All the boys think they’d be better
but honey we both know they don’t know me

So I disagree

What it takes to be
The one that you want at the end of the night
The one that you need to be in your life
The one that you know's gonna put up the fight
To be the best damn man you've ever had
Track Name: Enough's Never Enough
Oh baby how long can we play this game
this game there’s no winning
And baby no this ain’t what I’ve wanted to say
so I guess I’ll keep singing
Now this ain’t a joke and I gave you the signs
I thought I’d be with you the rest of my life
But baby now I know I’ve been wrong before

Now is this the end oh don’t think it
I can’t pretend we’re not sinking
And hearts they mend
Should we say enough is enough
Enough’s Never Enough

Oh baby now I know we’ve talked about this before
but nothing’s been changing
So baby oh should I just walk out your door
could you give a warning
My heart’s on my sleeve so if you’d be so kind
You’d quit being cruel and make up your damn mind
Cause baby don’t think I can take anymore

Oh baby we’ve both got our share of regrets
ain’t ya scared this’ll be one
And baby thing’s were so good I could never forget you
but now I need a reason
And you’ve gotta show me lay it on the line
Was your love for real was I wasting my time
Cause baby I swore that I’d never waste yours
Track Name: Confessions and Lies
It's just a penny for your thoughts it's just dollar for my Lies
now we're far too broke for either and I can't look you in the eyes
And I can't find anyone to sympathize
so won't you please just take me away

And I’m still so very lonely cause all I’ve got is this mirror
I hate the things I see in it it just shows me but clearer
Who's to say who is a villain when we never found a hero
Some things they never change

So here's to you this is my last Confession
It may not be the truth but baby I got discretion
No amount of praying's gonna change what I am
I wish I was dead
And it may be so cliche but I can't take anymore
When everyday's the same the hell am I living for
When nothing ever changes why should I give a damn
I wish I was dead

How can anyone stand living when everything's so fleeting
and every time I stop and think I think my brain needs cleaning
The greatest joke that was ever told pretended this had meaning
when everything's just a game

So here we are in this slow suicide
and everytime we question it we might just realize
That the greatest things in life are the one's we’ll never find
That nothing gold ever stays
Track Name: We'll Always Have Cusco
She couldn't tell a lie
I'm gonna miss her no matter how I try
I'm no good with goodbyes never know what to say
I'm scared I'll spend my life wishing I had stayed

Cause she had all the right things
So I’ll try to follow through
But when you live a world apart
There's not much I can do
So I'm always gonna wonder
Yes I'm always gonna wonder
Could there have been a happy ending
If I'd just stayed in Peru

I guess I must be blind
it's not like it is every day I find
A girl who makes me believe I can do anything
and if I'd never met her I'd miss her just the same

Sweetest girl I've ever met memories I won't forget,
Haven't given up just yet on the life we could've had
Stealing kisses on the street all the pictures I will keep
Conversations were so sweet now I'm missing her so bad
Must have been all meant to be if I'd done things differently
When did I get so lucky yes she made my favorite days
From the night we hardly slept lying next to her in bed
She's my bittersweet regret but at least I can still say

We’ll Always Have Cusco